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The pendant is a removable breast decoration. In the old days, to cover the embroidery on the chest of a woman’s dress, women wore voluminous jewelry. Most often, such jewelry was onirzhiek (necklace) or alka (pendant).

In addition, the pendant served as a mascot. Made of various metals and precious and semi-precious stones, the pendant retained the traditional features of each time. Often it was passed down from generation to generation, because the manufacture of pendants was quite expensive. The suspension could be extended by adding additional sections to it. In the manufacture of pendants, the masters used various techniques – casting, embossing, stamping and blackening.

This suspension is a triangular plate, to which chains with coins and artificial stones covered with enamel are attached vertically from below. The base-a triangular plate-is also instructed by artificial stones. On top there is a ring with which the suspension was attached to the chain.

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