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The Order of Alexander Nevsky is a Soviet award of the Great Patriotic War. It was established by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on July 29, 1942 simultaneously with the Orders of Suvorov and Kutuzov to award the command staff of the Red Army for outstanding services in organizing and directing combat operations and for the successes achieved as a result of these operations in the battles for the Motherland. Among those awarded with this order are the settlers of the Beimbet Maylin district — Azurkin Andrey Maksimovich and Zyukov Nikolay Ananyevich. The Order of Alexander Nevsky is a convex, ruby-red enameled, five-pointed star on the background of a ten-pointed regular figure with divergent polished lights on it. The red star has gilded rims. In the middle of the star is a round bound shield with the image of Alexander Nevsky and the inscription on the circumference in convex letters: «ALEXANDER NEVSKY”. The shield is bordered by a gilded laurel wreath. The lower ends of the wreath branches are covered with a figured shield with a gilded image of a hammer and sickle on it.

Against the background of the ten-pointed figure lights , the ends of two gilded berdyshs crossed behind a round shield are depicted. In the lower part of the order, gilded ones are crossed behind the figured shield: a sword, a spear, a bow and a quiver with arrows. The Order of Alexander Nevsky was made of silver. The silver content in the order is 37.056±1.387 g. The total weight of the Order is 40.8±1.7 g.

The size of the order between the end of the red star and the opposite vertex of the ten-pointed figure is 50 mm. The distance from the center of the order to the top of any of the enamel lights of the five-pointed star is 26-27 mm.

At first, the Order of Alexander Nevsky was worn on a rectangular pad covered with a red moire ribbon. The pad was made in two sizes: 30×21 mm or 29.5×20 mm. In June 1943, the pads were canceled, and the order was made with a threaded pin with a nut for attaching the order to clothing.

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