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The field flask is a field aluminum vessel of a Red Army soldier of 1931-1932 with a capacity of 0.75 liters. The main difference between the «pre-war» flasks, produced from 1937 to 1941, is the presence of five turns of thread on the neck and the threaded cover (on the flasks of post-war production, produced since 1948 – three turns of thread, with a wider pitch). There is a chain on the cover that holds the stopper, which was originally attached to the neck of the flask by a wire connecting ring. The flask is camouflage coloured, which has mostly disappeared.

Despite the standardization of uniforms and equipment of the Red Army during the Second World War, flasks were used both issued in the pre-war years, which are considered modern, and flasks of old samples developed in tsarist times, but produced already in the years of the USSR. Thus, the de facto army was armed with about ten different samples of flasks, made mainly of aluminum and glass.

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