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Terkesh (kesekap) – a hard leather case for storing porcelain bowls (kese).

The rounded body of the terkesh is covered with three leather wedges, tightly connected with threads. It has a second similar, but already smooth body, connected to the main one by a wide jute thread, which, if necessary, is tightened for a tight fit of the bases to each other.

The inner side of the wedges is covered with artificial velvet. The body patterns are embroidered with threads. There are metal plates on the wedges and in the center of each plate there is a leather fringe.

This elegant and durable case, which reliably protects fragile porcelain dishes, was indispensable for nomadic travel. It was fastened to the saddle of a horse for transportation.

In the past centuries, for the making of such household items they traditionally used camel leather which is durable and keeps its shape well.

The skin was sewn with tendon threads or horsehair. Then the pattern was put to the brown plain surface with a sharpened stick. Sometimes the pattern was supplemented with metal threads embroidery.

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