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Shara  is a round bowl for kumis with smooth edges made of dried solid wood with a small recess along the edge for the ozhau handle to set it in the bowl.

Both outside and inside the bowl is smoothly cut, without patterns. The lid is also smooth, with a groove along the edge for a tight fit to the bowl and with a round eye for a comfortable grip.

In some areas shara is called tegene. Before serving kumis to dastarkhan, it is poured from a saba into this bowl, where 10-15 liters of the drink can fit. This is quite a heavy dish, so it is used only on holidays and on special occasions. The rest of the time after cleaning shara is oiled to avoid cracks and stored in a place without direct sunlight.

The bowl often is decorated with bone or silver plates in the form of engraved patterns or with carved ornament on wood.

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