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Raincoat-tent is a portable camping tent property for one person, made of waterproof fabric, can serve as both a raincoat and a tent. Initially, the raincoat tent had the shape of a square with a side size of 180 cm, the weight of the cloth reached 1.4 kg. Material – cotton fabric of protective color. The raincoat tent had slits for the sleeves.

The thing of military equipment could be used as a cloak-cape or build an awning out of it. Having fastened six panels on wooden cleats, it was possible to make a shelter for several people. From a larger number of panels, larger shelters could also be obtained. If necessary, it was possible to carry the wounded on it. Having stuffed hay inside, they crossed water barriers on a raincoat-tent. A tent accessory was included in the set for one panel: a set of two parts of collapsible racks and one rope, a wooden and a metal pin.

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