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Lee Yong Bem was born on October 1, 1927 in the village of Sivechan in the Far Eastern Territory, now the Suchan district of Primorsky district, in a peasant family. Together with his parents, who worked in the collective farm «Agriculture», he lived in the Kur-Urmiysky district. In 1934, he entered the Korean East Kalinovskaya incomplete secondary school.

After the deportation of Koreans from the Far East in 1937, their family found themselves in a special settlement in of Krasny Partizan village, Kustanai district, Kustanai region of the Kazakh SSR. In 1943, he graduated from the Krasnopartizan incomplete secondary school and entered the Kostanay Agricultural Technical School at the zootechnical department. In 1945, he joined the Komsomol.

After graduating from the Kustanai Technical School, from September 1946 he worked as a zootechnician of the Erkenshilik district agricultural department in the Akmola region. Two years later, he entered the Kurgan Agricultural Institute (Zootechnical Faculty). In May 1953, he graduated from the institute, received the qualification of a zootechnic scientist and was sent to work as the chief zootechnic of the Bestyubinsky state farm in the Kamyshninsky district of the Kostanay region.

In July 1959, he was appointed director of the Kostanay State Breeding Station. In 1963, he joined the CPSU.

Since February 1963 – the chief head of the poultry farm at the Krasnopartisan state farm of the Kostanay production Department, and since May of the same year-the director of the Taranovsky poultry farm of the Tobolsk production department of the Kostanay region (until 1965 – the Virgin Territory). He was able to correctly identify and prove the further direction of the development of the state farm, to select a creative team of engineering and technical workers, specialists in the branches.

During his leadership, the reconstruction of the production base was carried out, as a result of which the production of eggs – the main products of the poultry farm-increased sharply. The state farm began to specialize in the production of these products. A multi-tiered cellular content of laying hens was introduced, which made it possible to significantly increase the collection of eggs from the same area of poultry houses. New forms of poultry cage maintenance, a conveyor system for feeding feed, collecting eggs, and automatic watering machines have been introduced. Specialization in workshops was also introduced: a parent herd producing an incubation egg, an incubation workshop where chickens are hatched, a young growth workshop, two workshops for the cellular maintenance of laying hens for the production of commercial eggs, a workshop for processing, enriching and preparing feed, a slaughterhouse, an egg laying.

A zootechnical laboratory has been organized that monitors the microclimate, the quality of feed and the efficiency of feeding poultry, the quality of breeding eggs. At the same time, a housing fund was created, a model school for 560 students, a cultural center, a kindergarten, a hospital, and shops were built. Thanks to the work carried out in 1972, the Taranovsky poultry farm produced 78 million 441.5 thousand eggs.

By the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of September 6, 1973, for the great successes achieved in the All-Union Socialist Competition, and for the labor valor shown in fulfilling the commitments made to increase the production and procurement of livestock products in the winter period of 1972-1973, Lee Yong-bem was awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labor with the award of the Order of Lenin and the “Hammer and Sickle” Gold Medal.

e continued to manage the enterprise. In 1975, he was appointed General Director of the Kostanay Poultry Production Association.

He lived in the village of Mayskoye in the Taranovsky district of the Kostanay region. Together with his wife Valentina Nikolaevna, he raised five children. He died on August 14, 1979. He was buried at the May rural cemetery.

He was awarded 3 Orders of Lenin (22.03.1966; 08.04.1971; 06.09.1973), medals. Honored Zootechnik of the Kazakh SSR (06.11.1970).

A poultry farm and a street in the village of Mayskoye are named after the Hero.

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