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Beldik is a Kazakh national women’s belt, which was made of metal, silk, leather, camel hair, goat down.

This belt is made of metal plates of an oblong oval shape, to each of which a smaller round plate is attached. Manufacturing technique – casting, chasing. Each element is decorated with a national ornament, which gives it a festive look. The plates are connected to each other by rings and pins. At the bases on both sides, a chain with a clasp is attached to the belt with the help of large rings, with which you can adjust its width.

Among the Kazakhs, belting of outerwear was considered a business card of a person. According to the belt, they found out what age he was, what kind of family, from what area he came, what a person does. Thus, the belt was not just a detail of clothing, but an expression of a person’s social origin, his place of birth and residence.

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