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A field pot (army, soldier) is a field dish in the equipment of military personnel of many world countries. In this case it is the subject of the Soviet army soldier  of 1941-1945.

It is an aluminum container with a convex-concave bottom, and concave on one side. It is equipped with a wire handle-loop for hanging and carrying. the concave side should be located to the body when worn on a waist belt. The lid of the pot can be used as a frying pan when warming up or preparing a second dish. The handle of the lid is designed to hold it, securely locks the lid when carrying, a tablespoon is inserted into special holes on the handle.

The Russian Imperial Army used individual (single) infantry pots with a wire bow and a lid made of steel (since 1862) or red copper (since 1871), as well as copper cavalry pots (one for three people) (since 1871). Since 1895, cavalry pots have been replaced by individual (single) ones. The pots were made in accordance with special requirements approved by the orders.

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