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A churn is a device used in everyday life for making butter from cream by rotation. In Slavic everyday life, an object appeared, probably from the middle of the XIX century, at an earlier time, butter was whipped in crinkles. It is a wooden trapezoidal cube with a length of 31.5 cm and a width of 23 cm. Inside this cube there is a crosspiece with wooden vertical bars and a thick metal spoke in the center. The crosspiece, designed for whipping cream, is supplemented on one outer side with a wels, threaded through a through hole and continued with a handle. The churn is closed with a sliding lid. This lid has a diamond-shaped pattern on and a small bar-handle.

The rotary churn was driven by a handle. Cream or sour cream was placed inside it, closed with a lid and began to constantly set in motion the crosspiece inside the household item. After the butter was made, it was taken out, the buttermilk remaining inside was poured into a bowl and also used for cooking

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