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The spindle is one of the oldest instruments. It is used for hand making yarn.

It is a wooden stick, sharp to the upper end and thickened to the lower third part.

At one end it has a wide “umbrella” with a hole in the center, through which one end of the spindle is threaded. This is necessary for convenient «twisting» of the object and good aerodynamics. In the center of the spindle there is a monogram with the personal signature of the manufacturer – Bulat Ibraev.  The use of the spindle remains unchanged to this day. In fact, this is the basis for winding the future thread.

It’s shape and size are checked by a hundred years’ experience of the spinning craft existence. The spindle allows you to evenly twist the thread, immediately winding it on the base (babina). The smaller and thinner the spindle, the thinner the thread on it can be spun. Otherwise, a thin thread will break under its weight. The craftswoman gradually pulls out the wool, winds it on a spindle and gets a thread. Wool or flax should be prepared for it: well combed and fixed to the spinning wheel.

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