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The plow is a tool for plowing dense soil, raising virgin land. Initially, the plows were pulled by people themselves, then by oxen, and even later by horses and mules. Currently, in industrialized countries the plow is pulled with a tractor. The plow has one set of ploughshares on one frame. When plowing, half of the coverage has ridges to the right of the furrow, half-ridges to the left. At the same time, either a double ridge is formed in the center of the  coverage (when plowing «into the dump», when the unit starts moving from the middle of the coverage and walks in an expanding spiral), or a double furrow (when plowing «waddled», when the unit starts moving at the edge of the paddock and walks in a narrowing spiral. The main task of the plow is to turn over the top layer of the earth. Plowing reduces the number of weeds, loosens and makes the soil more soft and pliable, facilitates further sowing. In the process of plowing, annual weeds that have already started to grow, but are not yet strong enough, are damaged. In addition, the turnover of the earth layer contributes to the movement of ungrown weed seeds to the lower (deeper) layer of fertile soil, which, in turn, creates an additional obstacle to the germination of weeds – many seeds die at the same time. At the same time, the seeds of weeds of previous years, which have good germination, rise.

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