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The burial of Zhabagy Batyr is one of the most revered places in the Beimbet Maylin district, located on a high hill on the bank of the Ayat River. Zhabagy Ipanuly is a descendant of the legendary Koblandy batyr, participated in the struggle of the Kazakh people against the Dzungars.  According to legend, Zhabagy batyr died as a devoted son of his people. He led the army when Dzungars attacked the Kazakh people.

The battle lasted for a long time; the enemies killed the batyr’s horse but he continued to fight furiously on foot. But then luck turned its back on batyr — an enemy arrow hit him, and he realized that he did not have long to live.

Then Zhabagy Batyr called his people and told them: «Dig a big hole and bury the corpses of the enemies so that they do not poison the area by decomposing. And when I die, put a large mound of stones and earth on top of this hole and bury me at the very top.  I will lie there, pressing myself down and guarding so that the enemies do not come to life and do not run away.” The order of batyr Zhabaga was fulfilled. The mound is so huge that it is difficult to believe in its man-made nature.

The burial place of Zhabagy batyr still looks like a military guard today

It is as if he looks down from a high hill at his native land and protects the steppe from the invasion of the enemy. A stone staircase leads to the top of the hill to the grave of a brave warrior. At the foot there is a memorial stone, on the other side of the steps there is a modern sign with a QR code – with the help of a mobile application, you can find out detailed information about the sacred place, which is included in the list of sacred objects of the region of local significance. There is also a source with crystal clear water. Aksakals (old people) say its water is able to heal the body and soul. The pilgrims often visit this place, pray here, glorifying the Zhabagy batyr and asking for blessings from his holy spirit.

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