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Ozhau is a ladle with a long handle for filling koumiss, kefir, milk and other beverages. It is made of a single piece of wood, decorated with a woven pattern and consists of a hollow part and a handle that is convenient to grip. For convenience, a recess and a wide bar are cut on the handle so that it can be placed on the table without the threat of spilling koumiss. The scoop has a double shape, but there is also a single burn. On the reverse side, a symbolic image of a girl’s head with braids is carved. First of all, ozhau is intended for koumiss and is a part of shara.

Traditionally, ozhau is made of wood, metal, and sometimes leather. According to archaeological data, wooden ladle forms began to be used by the peoples of Central Asia in the early Iron Age. The metal bucket was widely used in the 16th and 19th centuries. Today, most often they are made of wood and decorated with ornaments.

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