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Kustumsyk zhuzik -is a ring that the bride wore before the wedding and handed over to her native village, confirming that she was well received in the groom’s family.

Since ancient times, the Kazakhs considered the bird a herald  of good news. The people valued the bird as a symbol of freedom, kindness and mercy, a peaceful life. When a girl got married, her parents put her ring in the dowry, which she wore before marriage. And she usually returned this ring to her relatives before the end of the year. This meant that her life in her new family was going well.

This jewelry is made by casting and minting. The base is three semicircles fused together, the massive corolla looks like a cone resembling a bird’s beak-semicircular from below, tapering upwards into an acute angle. On the front side it is decorated with national ornaments.

Rings have always been  the main element in the look of Kazakh beauties. It was considered good taste to wear several rings at the same time. This tradition is still alive today.

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