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A trough is a large open oblong vessel with rounded walls, used for washing clothes, feeding livestock and for other household needs. It is made of wood: the half of the split log was processed and hollowed out from the flat side, making a recess and convenient handles.

The troughs are made of vetl, linden, aspen. In the XIX century, they began to make metal troughs, but wooden ones continued to be used in peasant farms.

In Russia, the trough has been known since the X century, as evidenced by archaeological finds of Veliky Novgorod, Staraya Ladoga and other places where wood is well preserved in the ground. The troughs were used in different ways, like any container: for harvesting apples, cabbage, pickles, for washing, bathing, for cooling beer, wort during brewing, bread is kneaded in them and cattle and poultry are fed from them (a watering trough, a feed trough).

The inverted trough was used as a large lid. The trough on the farm was useful for everything and had a very different purpose. Peasant children used it as a sledge to go downhill in winter.

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