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Жарияланды: 10.11.2023


On November 10, on the eve of the birthday of the famous Kazakh writer, playwright, classic of Kazakh literature B.Zh. Mailin, within the walls of the district central library, a regional competition was held among readers reading the writer’s works: “Maily Readings”.7 participants from rural districts were presented to the jury for evaluation. Among the participants, our museum took an active part, junior researcher: Count Elena Vladimirovna presented an excerpt from the work of B.Zh. Mailin “Monument to Shuga”.The main goal of the competition is to promote the publication of the literary heritage of Kazakh writers, to increase the level of interest in the literary heritage of B.Zh. Mailina.At the end of the competition, all participants were awarded letters of gratitude and memorable gifts.

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