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Temirbayev Seitkhan Nurmukhambetovich was born on June 5, 1922 in the village of Kyzylzhar, now the district of Beimbet Maylin, Kostanay region of the Republic of Kazakhstan in a peasant family. He graduated from the 7th grade of the school. He worked as an accountant.

In 1941, he was drafted into the Red Army. Since May 1942, he participated in battles with the Nazi invaders, fought at Stalingrad. In 1943, he graduated from the junior lieutenant courses, and in May 1943 was appointed commander of a rifle platoon.

As part of the 230th Rifle Division, he liberated the Donbass, the Nikolaev and Odessa regions, and Moldova. After the Iasi-Kishinev operation, the division was transferred to Belarus as part of the I Belorussian Front. In the battles for the liberation of Poland and on the territory of Germany, Captain Temirbayev commanded the 2nd company of the 990th rifle Regiment of the same division. He especially distinguished himself in the battles for Berlin.

On the sixth day of fighting in Berlin, overcoming fierce resistance, the units of the 230th Rifle Division, the fighters came to the Landwehr Canal in the center of the city. The sheer granite walls made it difficult to cross, and the bridges were blown up. The scouts found an automobile and railway bridge that was not completely blown up, its railway part miraculously survived.

On April 25, Captain Temirbayev, at the head of his company, fought his way to the bridge, crossed to the other bank and ensured the most effective advance of the regiment and armored vehicles on Gerlitzer Strasse. The way to the very center of Berlin, to the Reich Chancellery, was paved. Having crossed the Landwehr Canal, Temirbayev’s company continued persistent fighting, having cleared 11 quarters from the enemy, stormed the Reich Chancellery. For the capture and retention of the bridge and the courage shown at the same time, the company commander was presented for the assignment of the heroic title.

By the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR dated May 31, 1945, for the exemplary performance of combat tasks of the command at the front of the struggle against the invaders and the courage and heroism shown at the same time, Captain Temirbayev Seitkhan Nurmukhambetovich was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star medal.

After the Victory, he continued to serve in the army. In 1945, he joined the CPSU. Since 1947, Major Temirbayev has been in the reserve.

He returned to his homeland. He lived Kostanay city. He worked as a senior engineer of the personnel department of the management of «Kustanayenergo». In 1975, he was awarded the title of «Honorary Citizen of the city of Kostanay».

He died on June 15, 1983. He was buried in the cemetery of Tobyl city, Kostanay region.

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