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Phonograph is a mechanical device for playing gramophone records, a portable version of a gramophone. Unlike a gramophone, a phonograph has a small horn and is built into the body, the device itself is made  in the form of a suitcase, it is carried in a buttoned form by a special handle.

The gramophone has a spring motor as a drive, and sound amplification is performed using a bell hidden inside the case. The engine has a centrifugal speed controller, one spring plant is enough to play one side of the record. The pickup consists of a metal needle and a membrane.

The phonograph, designed and patented by the Pathe brothers (and later named after them), differed from any gramophones not in appearance (no matter whether it was a hidden horn or a remote one), but in the method of forming a sound groove – deep, not transverse, and, accordingly, an adapter. In addition, in the first models of phonographs from the company «Pathe», the playback did not go from the edge of the plate to the center, but on the contrary, from the center to the edge. The innovation was abandoned due to the large number of already produced and standard plates «from the edge».

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