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The coat with epaulettes and the order block belonged to Lieutenant General Vasily Konstantinov. This is part of the ceremonial vestment of a soldier along with gloves and a cap.

Lieutenant- General Konstantinov Vasily Konstantinovich was born on December 6, 1937 in the village of Elizavetinka. He graduated from Taranov High School, served a year in the ranks of the army in Alma-Ata, then entered the Tashkent Tank School in the city of Chirchik, Uzbekistan. After graduating from college, he was sent to serve in the GDR. he returned home in 1964, entered the Academy of Armored Forces named after Malinovsky. After the academy, with the rank of major, he was sent to Kaliningrad as regiment commander. After a while, having the rank of lieutenant colonel, he went to serve as division commander in the city of Lankaran (Azerbaijan). After 3 years of command of the division, he was sent to Moscow to the Academy of the General Staff, then Vasily Konstantinovich was appointed to the city of Rivne as chief of staff of the army.

In subsequent years, he served as a military attaché in Baghdad. After 3 and a half years he was appointed deputy commander of the Volga Military District.

In 1991, Vasily Konstantinovich retired, lived in Samara. In a happy marriage with his wife, he raised three sons-Vyacheslav and Vitaly. The youngest son Vyacheslav followed in his father’s footsteps and became a military man.

He died in January 2001.

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